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The DOG3 is our newest Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Designed by John Grefe, creator of Congrevape's other smash hit RDAs the Doge V1 & V2. This, our third major release RDA in the Doge lineup benefits from a host of improvements on previous designs. The RDA is a 22mm industry standard RDA and it keeps the same great Doge high quality and affordability. In this release major improvements have been made to:
Airflow, there are fewer walls for air to pass over than prior versions. With the same size airflow cut, the intake air is more efficient, giving the user an even better experience.
The Congrevape Tip System has been used on this model, the same as was featured on the Catemizer. The tip is made out of Ceramic, so it does not get hot, or melt and vent plastic gases.
There is significantly more build space in this model, an increase of 2.5mm in the outside diameter and 2.3mm from the negative post to the build maximum.
3 post or 4 post Design. The center post is removable, and can be interchanged between a single hole post and a dual hole post. Both styles of center posts are included in the parts kit.
The juice well is extremely deep on the DOG3. This helps to prevent overfilling the RDA, as well as holding more liquid per drip.


The DOG3 features a black ceramic tip that is easily removable from the RDA. This tip is the result of 6 months of research and design into materials science and mechanical engineering. The style of seating of the tip uses the new CV Tip System. This is an open source specification published by Congrevape for the size and mating type of the tip. The benefit in using the system is a larger tip than a traditional 510 and the removal of an o-ring installed on the tip.

The CV Tip System moves the o-ring into the female mating edge of the RDA. This allows for tips to be made from a variety of exotic materials that would not otherwise machine an o-ring groove well. The DOG3 ceramic tip only comes in high polish black. It is 11mm inside diameter, 17mm outside diameter, and 10.5mm tall.


The DOG3 Top Cap is significantly simplified from the V1 and V2 top caps. The newest model has integrated both the top cap and barrel into a unified component. This has been done for two reasons. Increased build space has been provided by removing the internal rotating air flow controler. The increase in build space has gone up to 20mm from 17.6mm in prior models. Increased air efficiency has been provided by removing the second set of walls in the top cap design. The old double walled design was creating disruptive turbulence as the air passed through the intake. The result in the DOG3 is higher air speeds, with a more direct hit onto the coil. The user will feel this as increased airflow, even though the air intake slot is still the same size. Air slots can still be closed down to preference by twisting the top cap against the deck. The DOG3 is dual intake only.


The parts kit for the DOG3 is generous like the other Doge Family of products. The Dual center post block in Stainless Steel is not included in the parts kit. Because of the high cost of making the component and the low demand for it, we have instead included our single hole stainless steel center post in the parts kit, along with stainless steel screws and hardware for anyone concerned about copper in their RDA. For customers who desire the Dual hole Stainless Steel center post, it can be purchased separately on Remember, the copper used in all Congrevape products is C110 lead free copper. It is the highest grade safety that we can provide our users. No company can ever provide a completely risk free environment, but a major tenant of Congrevape designed products is that we research the best materials to put in our equipment, such as only using certified C110 copper to reduce exposure to lead, and Ceramic, to reduce exposure to formaldehyde.


The DOG3 deck is the most significant redesign of the deck yet. V1 and V2 decks were very similar with the post holes and posts enlarged, and the insulator design being upgraded from V1 (round) to V2 (square key). The V3 deck keeps the same great insulator and key design from the V2 as Congrevape had NO warranty repair request tickets for the V2 using the brown japanese peek insulator. There was a large number of complaints about the insulators failing on counterfeit V2 products, this was due to the low quality plastic used for the insulators by counterfeit makers.

In the DOG3 deck we have shrunk the posts down a little bit, to accommodate the most common configurations used, and increasing the build space. The negative post holes are 2.2mm, as well as the dual hole center post. This will easily accommodate 20g wire. The single center post is 3mm so that it may accommodate two wires being crimped down simultaneously.

The DOG3 juice well has been increased substantially, the prior V2 juice well was 4.5mm deep. With the newest release, the DOG3 juice well expands into 9mm deep. This is done using very clever placement tricks of the center pin design,and robust nature of the compact PEEK insulator to free up as much usable space in the deck for the most juice volume attainable.

The airflow of the DOG3 has been redesigned to be controlled on the inside using the deck for the AFC control block. Changing this configuration has allowed us to improve a large number of features on this release.
* Deeper Juice Well
* Larger build space, 2.5mm more before the coil strikes the outside wall
* Reduced thermal transfer from the coil to the top cap & tip
* Easier alignment of coils while building to match Airflow direction