The new 3-piece 22mm Petri V2 from US based Dotmod is finally here, similar to its predecessor but is further developed on all fronts. This version got the 24mm Conversion Cap included!

This lovely RDA is made of hard anodized aluminum that features an innovative two-post design. dotmod Inc. has made a revolutionary move to incorporate a PEEK insulator onto the entire deck. The Petri V2 also features 2 large holes in each post for streamlined building, while large head screws make securing wire a breeze. Dotmod's signature logo is featured prominently on the sleek black or red sleeve. Gold plating ensures high conductivity while providing a brilliant and visually striking sheen. Beauty and innovation, a hallmark of Dotmod Inc.

Conversion Cap?
The 24mm Conversion Cap for the Petri V2 is the part that goes around the base (its not another RDA). With a conversion cap installed you've all of a sudden got a Petri V2 measuring 24mm in diameter, which increases in the flavors and allows it to sit flush on any 24mm mechanical mod. With the Conversion Cap you'll get 1 x wide bore Delrin drip tip, 1 x wide bore Ultem heat resistant drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter. Plus with the Petri V2 you'll also get a Dotmod 510 drip tip.

Easy Drip Three-Piece Atty Design
24K Gold Plated Brass Deck
Entire Deck is Peek (Insulator)
Innovative Two-Post Design
2 Large Holes in each Post
Huge Juice Well
Large Screw Heads
Hard Anodized Aluminum Sleeve
Supplied in glass container
The Petri V2 comes in a black box
The Conversion Cap comes in a glass container

Box includes:
  • 1 x Dotmod - Petri V2 (RDA)
  • 3 x Extra o rings
  • 1 x Conversion Cap with 2 wide bore drip tips & 1 x 510 drip tip-adapter

***Please note: Conversion cap NOT sold separately!***