The latest product introduced at the 2015 ECC at Pomona, the Turbo v3 RDA by Ohm Nation is a newly reengineered rebuildable with an upgrade construction from the popular Turbo v2 RDA. Redesigned with the elimination of the fins, the atomizer, built with split center post, is more spacious for ease of wicking and a deeper juice well for today's most popular juices. The airflow is more concentrated with adjustable cyclop airslot, optimal for cloud chasing enthusiasts. The air turbine is redesigned for smoother flavoring and removable for customization. It is equipped with a removable drip tip made from high graded elrin for durability. Completed with a new silver-plated copper tin for compatibility in a clean elegant look with laser engraved symbol, the Turbo v3 RDA is a top-tier rebuildable with enormous airflow intake and robust flavors.

Turbo v3 RDA by Ohm Nation Features:

Deep Juice Well

Stainless Steel Construction

Adjustable Cyclops Airflow

Split Center Tri-Post Design

Adjustable Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip

Flexibile Air Turbine

Silver Plated Copper Contact Pin

PEEK Insulators


1 Turbo v3 RDA

1 Set of Replacement O-Rings

4 Replacement Screws