Vandy Vape's GOVAD RDA enters the market as the one of the most critically acclaimed platforms of 2017, presenting a tremendously versatile airflow system, a build friendly clamp post deck, and high quality machining and design. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the GOVAD RDA features a clean exterior design with high quality CNC engraving and softly sloped curves that create an appealing look. The GOVAD features a versatile, intuitive, and highly functional airflow system integrated in three locations while being adjustable and configurable between the three as needed. Dual bottom 7mm by 3.5mm airslots at the base of the chassis funnel into a single 3.5mm diameter raised airhole located centrally within the deck and is independently adjustable via the base AFC. Two sets of horizontal airflow work in tandem to create highly effective airflow, with each airslot measuring 5mm by 2.5mm each. Airslots are also milled into either side of each post, allowing users to set aggressive cross airflow in either orientation with ease. When set in full airflow mode, airflow coverage within the chamber is near unparalleled as compared ot other RDAs. Inside, the build deck features a spring loaded clamp style build deck that can is compatible with both single and dual coil configurations, synergizing with the innovative airflow systems to allow for high levels of performance and adjustability in either configuration. Additionally, the build deck's major components are 24K Gold Plated for increased conductivity while also offering an effective juice well depth of 5mm. The GOVAD RDA also adopts the new 810 Drip Tip standard for high performance atomizers, including a trio of delrin drip tips differing in height, width, and bore. Beautifully constructed, precision machined, and packing in the most intuitive and effective airflow systems across any atomizer today, Vandy Vape's GOVAD RDA enters the market as the premiere RDA of 2017 thus far.

24mm Diameter
Two Post Clamp Style Build Deck
Spring Loaded Coil Clamping System
Intended for Single Coil Arrangements
Spring Loaded Clamp Terminals
Phillips Screw Secured
Large Middle Space
9mm Distance
Mount and Configure Coil Easily
PEEK Insulator
5mm Deep Juice Well
Gold Plated Terminals and Screws
Four Airholes Milled Into Bottom of Posts
5mm by 2.5mm Each Airhole
Redirected Center Airflow Channel
3.5mm Diameter Airhole
Independently Adjustable Middle and Bottom Airflow
Dual Bottom Airflow
7mm by 3mm Airslots
Quad Side Airflow
5mm by 2.5mm Airholes
Rounded Internal Top Cap
Smooth Vapor Delivery
24K Gold Plated 510 Contact
304 Stainless Steel
810 Drip Tip
12mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
16mm Outer Diameter
12mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
18mm Outer Diameter
11mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
14mm Outer Diameter