20700/21700 BATTERY WRAPS



20700/21700 Battery PVC Wrap (Pre-cut, 10 sleeves per item, fixed assorted design)

Pre-cut shrink-wrap sleeves for 20700 and 21700 cells.  Perfect for re-wrapping or adding an extra layer of protection for your batteries.  These wraps will also fit 20/21mm diameter cells of a shorter length; trim off additional material as needed for your batteries.  

Heat gun recommended for optimal application, but a blow dryer should be sufficient.  Store wraps away from high ambient temperatures to prevent possible deformation, and avoid excessive exposure to the heat source during wrapping to prevent tearing.  20700 cells will have a looser fit prior to shrinking.

Package contents:Package Contains:
2 x Star Wars
2 x Minions
2 x American Flag
2 x Vaping is the Future
2 x Skulls